Nerds Gummy Clusters Upcycled Zipper Bag with Box Corners


Upcycled Norwex

Small Zipper Bag

with Box Corners



Upcycled Zipper Bag


Candy Corn Upcycled Zipper Bag


Pirate’s Booty Upcycled Mini Zipper Bag


Gnarly Oak Gypsy upcycled bags range in size from mini to "carry it all".
Some bags are flat, making them easy to carry in tight areas.
Boxed corner bottoms make the bag extra roomy and stable.
Use your upcycled bag as storage for:

  • facemask, hand santizer and sanitizer wipes

  • pencils, markers or crayons

  • make-up/toiletries

  • feminine hygiene products

  • cash, credit cards, driver's license

  • phone and charging accessories

  • small toys

  • artist/crafter supplies

  • first aid kit supplies

  • concealed carry

  • camper/RV supplies

. . . the possibilities are endless!

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